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Assoc. Prof Berkan Aydilek

Harran University

Computer Engineering Department Head


He has known me from my middle school days where I went to Harran University for undergraduate level courses. He witnessed my extraordinary talent and passion for informatics. I have a recommendation letter from him and you can contact me to receive the letter as pdf.

Marcello Bonatto


CEO and Founder

ABOUT MR Marcello

He was one of the interviewers during the Re:Coded program in Şanlıurfa, Turkey. I was admitted to program as an exception as the only student below undergraduate education. I have successfully completed 8 months of english Android bootcamp. You can email me to receive a copy of the recommendation letter!

Ahmet Baytak

Harran University


ABOUT MR Marcello

Ahmet Baytak was one of the academicians whom I worked with. He read my academic publications when I was working on a research NLP research project. Email me to read the letter.